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We Get You. The traditional aspects of online job sites, resume submissions and interviewing is a flawed process at best. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University report, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. We created Driven on the foundation that networking and positioning are the best ways to land your dream career.


We view the world differently. Most jobs are filled through professional networks or referrals due to simple human nature; the need to reinforce the emotional and visual aspect of decision-making and justify with logic. To leverage this, we create the digital and social manifestation of you. And you, are really interesting. Traditional resumes and applicant tracking systems don't create a compelling process to select one person over the other. We change that. Our commitment to our clients is that we align their aspirations to the ideals and objectives of their dream company. We believe aligning great talent with great companies is conversational, not adversarial. Join us in our quest for Driven talent...because talent is everything. 

We Build Dream Careers. 

 One conversation at a time.


Rethink the way you job hunt

Are you ready to make your lasting career change? Driven engages the right people at the right time at your desired companies. 

We do this by utilizing professional networking, positioning and brand building. This approach combines patience with the ability to apply speed at the appropriate time. 

Applying brand-building methods to your professional image through LinkedIn as well as combining targeted use cases with career infographics markets you to the target audience while setting you apart from your peers.

LOVE the job hunt again. 


We Create


Be unforgettable. Humans are both visual and emotional. Your professional brand should tell your career story while weaving in the human aspects of what drives you. This passion is what sets you apart. Social and omnichannel marketing keeps your brand top of mind, right where you want it to be. 


Dante S. - Designer

"The team at Driven set me apart. The career infographic they created truly told my story and separated me from the other candidates. When I got to the interview, I felt like they already knew me."